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Data Privacy

This event is provided in cooperation between IDC, IDG Communications d/b/a Foundry and the Partners, all acting as independent controllers. You may find more information about how each of them processes your personal data in their privacy policy: IDC Privacy Policy, Foundry Privacy Policy and the Partners’ privacy policies are available in the Partners section of the event website.

IDC, Foundry and the Partners would like to keep in touch with you, using the contact details you have provided in this registration form, and inform you about their products and services they think you may find interesting. If you do not want to receive such information from IDC, Foundry and/or the Partners as a follow up to this event, you may let them know by following the instructions in any such communication or: (i) for IDC, by clicking here; (ii) for Foundry, by emailing here, and (iii) for the Partners, by clicking here.


本活动由IDC、IDG Communications (经营名称为Foundry) 和活动合作伙伴们共同呈现,各方 均为独立的组织机构。您可以在以下隐私政策中找到关于他们各自将如何处理您个人数据的更 多信息:IDC Privacy Policy, Foundry Privacy Policy 合作伙伴隐私政策可在活动网站上的 Partners section 部分查看。

IDC、Foundry及活动合作伙伴们希望使用您在本注册表中提供的联系信息与您保持沟通,并向 您介绍他们认为您可能感兴趣的产品和服务。如果您不希望在参与活动后接收IDC、Foundry和 /或活动合作伙伴的此类信息,您可以通过如下方式告知他们:(i) 关于IDC,可点击这里 :here; (ii) 关于Foundry,可点击这里发送电子邮件: here , (iii) 关于活动合作伙伴, 可点击这里 : here.