Overcoming challenges in chaos: Transformation playbook on regional transformation and the steps-to-reality.


Even if your markets are overbanked, there is a way in which technology can give you a business advantage.


CEOs in Banking and Financial institutions face urgent challenges amidst rapid change. While 69% recognize the benefits of generative AI, only 29% feel ready to adopt it. Governance concerns delay strategic investments for 56% of CEOs. Generative AI isn't just a trend—it's a game-changer. It redefines competitiveness, streamlines operations, and bolsters cybersecurity. Yet, executives grapple with assessing economic potential and managing risks.


Join IDC, IBM, and industry leaders to explore AI adoption strategies, challenges, and responsible practices. Let's scale AI effectively while addressing governance, compliance, and security concerns.


Given the popularity of Generative AI, how can banks adopt G.AI and yet be human-centric and compliant.


Regulators are expecting reconciled, quality controlled reports. The are drilling deeper in bank audits for compliance to banking laws and policies. Globally regulators are increasing supervisory actions. The cost of implementing compliance and the costs of failing to control to compliance requirements is  growing. In this session we unpack the latest innovations for creating more effective and more cost-efficient compliance.  


Given the rise of Sustainability Linked Bonds (SLBs) in assisting businesses with mitigating transition risks, greenwashing concerns have become an increasingly top-of-mind issue when it comes to sustainable financing. Join us as we dive into emerging technologies that are bridging the gap to mitigate reputational risks and the strategies adopted in smart and secure green investments.


In the face of banking disruptions, how are banks practicing cyber resilience by ensuring business continuity, mitigating the customer experience, and ensuring that the client’s personal details are not compromised?

Executive Lunch Roundtable #1
 Mahogany Room (Level 5)
  12:30 PM
From Insight to Action: Leveraging AI powered Automation for CIO and CFO Success
Tarun Kumar Kalra
IBM, Apptio sales leader, APAC
Cyrus Daruwala
Managing Director, IDC Financial Insights
IDC Asia/Pacific

We all talk a fair bit about speed-to-market, cost competitiveness, IT complexity, data-driven decisions and more. We also concur that these are herculean tasks for any one team. But what if there were tools at our disposal that made these a possibility? Toolsets and frameworks that can automate, leveraging AI and analytics, and bring transparency, accountability and agility to your IT lifecycle including FinOps, Cloud Cost Management and Technology Business Management. Some of the world’s most decorated CxO’s have experienced the benefits of these simple-to-implement frameworks, and now you could leverage them too!


Join us for an exclusive lunch time discussion with a select group of your peers and IBM and Apptio (an IBM Company).

Executive Lunch Roundtable #2
 Tembusu Room (Level 5)
  12:30 PM
Transforming the Future of Banking and Insurance: FPT Software's Pioneering Role in AI Innovation
Brian Goh
Senior Vice President
Sandra Ng
Group Vice President and General Manager
IDC Asia/Pacific

Given the nature of compliance and regulatory changes and its impact on an industry, organizational and customer-level, generative AI capabilities can play a pivotal role in the banking and insurance sectors by enhancing risk management, customer experience, operational efficiency, compliance, product development, and strategic decision-making. From flagging up discrepancies in compliance approaches to improving workflows and assisting key industry leaders and decision makers, FPT’s expertise in AI can help financial institutions navigate the complexities of the digital age and stay ahead in a competitive market.


Join us for an exclusive lunch time discussion with a select group of your peers. We will be joined by our thought leaders; Sandra Ng, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific and Brian Goh, Senior Vice President, FPT.


Given the rapid adoption of cloud native technologies in the banking and financial services sectors, maintaining a level of security is integral to mitigating and managing fraud, financial crime, and cybersecurity risks from an organizational to customer-level. Join us as we uncover the essence of navigating cyberthreats in a cloud native world and the impact it has on improving the customer experience.


Join us as we take dive into Trust Bank’s journey and what the Next Big Thing is for Trust as they move forward.


With core systems moving to cloud, and new AI systems in place to manage fraud & financial crime risks, how are traditional industries keeping up with automation? In this session, we look at the rapid digitization of core insurance systems and how its giving rise to new and innovative processes.


As GenAI continues to disrupt the financial services industry, how are “old school” wealth management firms accelerating their digital transformation journeys? Join us as we deep dive into the next big techniques and tips employed by emerging wealth management platforms and what it to redefine and personalize the customer experience.


In this session, we explore how robust transactional databases are transforming the fintech landscape, its scalability, data integrity, high availability, and adherence to regulatory compliance. 


As the banking and financial services industry continues to evolve and grow, be it within new tech drivers or regulatory and compliance requirements, join us as we bridge the knowledge and skills gap and its day-to-day impact for key players within the industry.


The Next Generation is shaping a new business paradigm. Join us as we look at Gen Z's commitment to building businesses that prioritize people, embedding sustainability at their core. Discover how this socially conscious generation is driving sustainable practices and transforming industries with innovative, ethical, and environmentally focused strategies.


By 2025 India is poised to be the 3rd Biggest economy in the world, and Indonesia is rapidly inching away to be the 5th Largest economy. How can Banks and Insurers futureproof themselves to cash in on this boom.


The rapid adoption moves AI from an emerging software segment in the stack to a lynch-pin technology. Never have we seen a technology emerge with this much executive support, defined business outcomes, and rapid adoption. 58% of APJ CEOs have indicated that their organizations are either operationalizing AI initiatives or ready to do so. This kickstarts a new era for tech and business.


Picture this: a world where algorithms are the new architects of prosperity, data is the currency of choice, and innovation knows no boundaries. This is truly the AI Moment.


In this IDC opening keynote, Sandra Ng will address where AI will be prominent, important or in wide use in industries and organizations, making AI Everywhere a reality. More importantly, how as tech executives and practitioners you can harness AI to better leverage tech to achieve your (organization) growth ambitions.


How are advancements in Low Code, No Code, and AI, making technology accessible to all? In this session, we unpack the use of AI within a business context and how it is changing the face of productivity for everyone in the workforce. 


As the world continues to automate, work, as we know it today, will be very different in the future. This panel discussion will explore what the future holds for work, and how organisations are preparing themselves for this change. Join us as we explore how CIOs are addressing the speed and scale of these changes, and learn the challenges, risks, and opportunities that are top of mind for CIOs today.


Considering the speed and scale of digitisation, join us as we deep dive into the world of GenAI and its impact on the future of low code and how its set to transform the industry by making a more accessible system for its users.


Join us for a 5-minute demo as we showcase how to leverage zero-party data to build accurate customer profiles and gain actionable insights with holistic identity management. Discover transparent methods for data collection that respect customer consent, paving the way for a tailored customer experience that drives business growth. Learn how this approach enables personalized customer interactions, upholds customer data privacy, and transforms industry disruptions into innovative opportunities.


The most damaging cyber threats today don’t target machines or systems — they target humans. Human-targeted attacks jeopardise businesses globally every day, from malicious links to impersonation emails posing as executives and suppliers. 


Join us to uncover how a Human-centric cybersecurity approach tackle the four paramount human risks: threats, impersonation, data loss, and identity compromise. Don't miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the insights and strategies necessary to safeguard your organisation against the relentless tide of evolving threats. 


With persistent challenges in secure data collection and the imperative to respect customer privacy, explore how the convergence of customer data, experience, and holistic identity drives business growth.


In this fireside chat by Affinidi and IDC, discover how the smart use of data and holistic identity management revolutionizes customer engagement and provides secure, seamless experiences across touchpoints. Dissecting how this approach fosters personalized customer interactions and builds trust, enabling businesses to navigate change and redefine the customer experience landscape.


With increasing cyber security threats, larger attack surfaces and more stringent IT standards and regulations, businesses need real time insights on their IT and cybersecurity risk postures, controls coverages to better predict and react to incidents and threats. Join us to understand best practises in automating IT GRC processes and stay compliant to regulatory and standards demands.


In an increasingly uncertain world, with internal risks and external social, economic and geopolitical threats to organizational development and automation looming overhead, what are the strategies CIOs & CSOs have been adopting to be prepared for operating in uncertain times.


With more threats looming overhead, there is a pressing need to automate and integrate AI into the cybersecurity processes in real time. Given this challenge, what approaches should the IT services be adopting to stay ahead of the game? Join us as we dive into the practical steps around threat detection, prevention and remediation.

Lunch & Networking Break
 Exhibition Hall
  12:50 PM
Lunch & Networking Break
Lunch Time Talks
  1:10 PM
Lunchtime Talk 1 | Empowering the SME: AI in Action
Chong Kian Soh
AI & Digitalisation Action Group

The advent of GenAI has taken strides in changing the face of the tech landscape. Given the accessibility of tools such as ChatGPT for both a consumer and business level, how is that impacting the overall SME ecosystem? From streamlining workflows to improving performance, join us in this lunchtime talk as we dive into the AI explosion in the SME market.

  1:30 PM
Lunchtime Talk 2 | Humanising AI: The New Frontier in Human Relationship
Daniel Ng

Join us as we explore the evolving relationship between humans and artificial intelligence, emphasizing the potential for AI to enhance rather than replace human interaction. From finance, healthcare and on to retail, Graphen AI’s Digital Human, AiiA, provides scalable solutions for growing companies. Through AiiA’s personalized, empathetic and supportive Graphen AI is at the forefront of the Digital Human movement, which elevates the consumer experience and revolutionizes engagement across industries.


How should we move past a compliance approach when measuring and reporting ESG metrics? Join us as we dive into some of the sustainability efforts that businesses are employing to maintain best practices. 


Most organizations have complex IT environments with multiple data platforms, diverse Generative AI, data models, and hybrid cloud infrastructure with hyperscalers, which in turn poses a greater challenge in terms of governing AI and adhering to compliance requirements.


Join our session and learn how IBM's watsonx Governance seamlessly manages all AI models in a multi-cloud hybrid environment regardless of the model provider. It proactively detects and mitigate risks, monitor bias, drift and fairness across Large Language Model (LLM) metrics.


With IBM's strategic partnership with Microsoft, gain insights on how watsonx governance on Azure manages Microsoft OpenAI Models to meet regulatory compliances and drive responsible-ethical decision making for businesses


Join us as we look to how businesses are leveraging on the use of AI to build better processes within their organisations as they scale up automation and technology use.


The advent of GenAI has opened up opportunities for bad actors to exploit the growing tech landscape. From Deepfakes to FraudGPT, we will explore how cybersecurity measures are deployed in a timely fashion to stay ahead of these bad actors.


With tech developments in GenAI both as a threat and a solution taking the headlines in 2023, what is the next big thing for cybersecurity? Find out from our panel of experts as they give their views on what will be happening in the area of cybersecurity in the next few years, and how they are preparing their organisations.


With GenAI developments in the mix, how can it be used to better the lives of others, where we humanize technology for purposeful innovation? Join us as we hear from Dr Leslie Teo of GovTech as we look towards the Singapore Government’s mandate for AI and how it’s adapted within various facets of society.