Future Enterprise Summit & Awards

Future Enterprise Summit & Awards

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Future Enterprise Summit & Awards

10 October 2024, Thursday

5.00 pm -  9.00 pm (GMT+7)

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Given Generative AI’s rise in reshaping how we interact with technology, unlocking unprecedented capabilities and possibilities, future-forward organizations are advancing efforts to establish and expand innovative business models to sustain a viable digital business that will thrive in 2024 and beyond. Now in its eighth year, The IDC Future Enterprise Awards continues to gather the technology innovation leaders from the Asia/Pacific region, engage cutting-edge organizations, and call to all who unlock their potential to be the gold standard in a digital-first world.


Thailand will proudly host the country-level Future Enterprise Awards, with the inclusion of winners from all across the ASEAN region including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia & New Zealand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. From increased e-commerce, digital banking and the digitization of SMEs, Thailand, together with the other countries in the ASEAN region is set to experience greater innovation and growth, making it the ideal location to celebrate trailblazers taking strides to be the next Future Enterprise.


Be part of the celebration at the Future Enterprise Awards, where you will have the opportunity to dive into the winning case studies, understand the strategies and solutions that set these companies apart, and network with the award winners to gain inspiration for your organization's journey towards excellence and learn from the best in the industry in Singapore and all across the ASEAN region.

Award winners will be unveiled at the Future Enterprise Awards held in person on Thursday, 10 October 2024 in Thailand.

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